Rae Dominique, Director, Shangri-La Shisha

I employed the services of Ravi Chauhan from Contracts4You after a recommendation from a previous client he had worked with. The motivation for such a service was to keep legal costs low and after having dealt with Ravi to create a very professional and airtight legal agreement, I must say the service went above and beyond all reasonable expectations! Though I know his schedule is filled with clients, Ravi still took the time to offer legal assistance even after the agreement he drew up was delivered. His attention to detail is invaluable and his legal expertise is akin to what you get from a big law firm costing you 10 times as much. The added benefit of using this service is the personal touch that Ravi puts on his agreements- by that I mean he creates original work based entirely on your requirements and is eager to give you top quality work, not just a finished product.

Please take my word for it, if you need contracts drawn up don’t throw thousands of pounds away at a big law firm. Instead just give Ravi a shout, I promise you he will at least make you consider what he has to offer and at the prices he offers you really can’t lose!

Rae DominiqueDirectorShangri-La Shisha