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Making contracts fitted to your business operations
Putting your contracts into practice effectively
Ongoing management of your contracts

Contract management

Contract management services from Contracts4You

Most law firms and legal services providers do not provide an ongoing contract management service. They will tend to stop short at writing a contract for you.  And usually at high costs. But Contracts4You is different. We go a step further then contract writing. We actually assist you in putting a contract management system into your business. This will enable you to manage all of your contracts efficiently by: putting in place action plans; systems for monitoring performance of contracts; relationship management systems (e.g. contract review meetings); and continued risk assessment.

Contract audit

Contract management services from Contracts4You

We can carry out an audit of your existing contract management processes to ensure it is run efficiently across your whole organisation. This will involve an assessment of all of your current contracts and how they are used by each business area. We can then share our recommended improvements to your contracting processes with you and put in place a plan of action.

Process Mapping

Contract management services from Contracts4You

We can develop new processes and map your existing processes to support your contracts. Our process maps include detailed guidance for your internal teams to implement your processes efficiently. This is especially useful when you have new recruits who need to be bought up to speed with the way your business works. Or for ensuring different business areas are aware of how other functions in the business operate.

Policy Development

Contract management services from Contracts4You

You may require policies to assist you with putting your contracts in to practice. For example an employee code of conduct to support your employment contracts, or a debt recovery policy to use in the event that a customer does not make payment to you on time. Our consultants have vast experience in policy development. They can also support you in the development of supporting documents such as standard letters and pro forma templates.

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