Treatment of employees in probationary periods

Treatment of employees in probationary periods It is a common misconception that probationary periods mean that you can terminate an employee’s contract with no risk. This misconception often leads employers to not follow their usual employment procedures during probationary periods, thereby exposing them to a legal challenge – which could be costly to the employer. […]

Why tailored letters of engagement are important for bookkeepers and accountants?

Why tailored letters of engagement are important for bookkeepers and accountants? I am often asked by my clients, many of whom are bookkeepers and accountants, why it is important to have tailored letters of engagement with their clients.  Letters of engagement are the written contracts between bookkeepers and accountants and their clients to provide their […]

Should all business contracts be signed?

“Should all business contracts be signed?” Should all business contracts be signed?… This is a question Contracts4You always gets asked especially when we are providing our contract management services to clients. Before we answer this burning question it is probably best to explain how a legal contract is formed. For a legally binding contract to […]

Tailored contracts versus off-the-shelf contract templates

“Tailored contracts versus off-the-shelf contract templates” I often am asked the question of whether the contracts that Contracts4You draft for its clients are off-the-shelf templates? The outright answer to that question is “no”. There are tonnes of websites offering templates, which businesses can buy off the shelf. However there are not many service providers offering […]

Changes to Consumer Rights Law – “How does it affect my business?”

The last year has been an eventful one for Contracts4You. Having established in April 2014 the legal consultancy, which specialises in negotiating and writing legal contracts for businesses across England, has seen an influx of clients. This influx has been partially caused by the recent changes in consumer law. The Consumer Contracts Regulations came into […]

Is my website legal?

“Is my website legal?” More and more business interaction is happening online with businesses selling their goods and services through their websites. Your website is often the first port of call for customers and people interested in finding out more about your products and services. With the focus being placed on getting customers to browse […]

How often should a business review its legal contracts?

“How often should a business review its commercial contracts?” A couple of weeks ago I hosted a Q&A session for the Small Business Network, an online support and networking group for small businesses in England. One of the participants asked how often a business should review its commercial contracts. A very good question. And one that does […]