Contract Services

Contracts4You offers a contract management service which caters to your business’ needs. The below information may help you to decide the type of service(s) you require.

Do you need help negotiating a contract?

We can support you with your negotiations with other parties to ensure you close deals that are fair, minimise risk and achieve the best outcomes for your business. We focus our advice around your needs and on an assessment of legal and commercial risk. Our ultimate aim is to meet your business’ specific requirements and strengthen your relationships with your stakeholders.

Find out more at Contract Negotiation.

Do you need a contract or legal document drafting?

We have the expertise and experience to draft commercial contracts and a wide range of other legal documents. We tailor your contracts and documents to reflect your relationships with stakeholders, and identify and assess risks to ensure they are dealt with in the appropriate form.

Find out more at Contract Drafting.

Do you need support in implementing the terms of a contract?

We will offer you a fuller package then other legal service providers. Therefore we seek to support you beyond the contract negotiation and drafting stage to help you to put the terms of your contract into practice and manage it effectively within your business.

Find out more at Contract Implementation.

Do you need help understanding a contract from another party?

Where you have been presented with a contract by another party you are dealing with, we can help you to understand its contents and its implications to ensure you are getting a fair deal. We can also review your existing business contracts to ensure they reflect the current law and your business.

Find out more at Contract Analysis.

Do you need general advice about a contract or help resolving an issue?

Should you have any general queries about a contract or you are faced with a legal issue concerning a contract, we will provide you with the expert advice based on sound legal principle and business expertise.

Find out more at Contract Advice.